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TAG HEUER TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber Heuer 02 CBG2A91.FT6173 Chronograph back scale 100m waterproof men's self-winding watch rubber belt [472] HU

Product Description
Guarantee (August 2019 parallel product)

Our 6-month warranty starts from the date of purchase
Not covered by warranty for less than 50,000 yen excluding tax
Movement Spontaneous failure response only
Quartz watch battery will be replaced within 6 months
External factors such as damage, submersion, and magnetic susceptibility are excluded.

[Reference list price]
\ 924,000- (tax included)

[Repair history]
There is no repair history at our company

<< Windshield >> There are scratches in the direction of 10:11.
<< Dial >> There is no noticeable damage.
<< Bezel >> There are scratches and line scratches in the 12 o'clock direction.
<< Case >> There are small thin line scratches.
<< Lag >> There is no noticeable damage.
<< Back cover >> There is a thin line scratch.
<< Rubber belt >> There is no noticeable damage.
《Buckle》 There is no noticeable damage.

This product is on display at the store, so it will change from the NET listing status.
There are cases. Feel free to contact us for more information
Also, we handle it with the utmost care,
Because it is a"second-hand product", when securing the product, malfunctions, scratches, etc.
Due to deficiencies, we will inform you of the reservation suspension and
It may be canceled.
Please note in advance.